How to integrate Selenium Web Driver with Cucumber?

History of Selenium:
Selenium was created by Jason Sir William Huggins in 2004. he's associate degree engineer at thought works company. He created javascript program to manage the browser actions. He named this program because the javascript check runner. Later it had been renamed as antioxidant core.

Selenium IDE:
Shinya kastani of Japan created antioxidant IDE. it's a Firefox extension that may modify browsers through the recording of playback feature. He given antioxidant IDE to the antioxidant project in 2006 Get more info selenium online course .

Selenium RC:
Another thought works engineer Paul Hammel produce a server which will add between the browser of a user known as as a distant management. it's associate degree older version of antioxidant that is employed for implementing purposeful testing on browsers.

Selenium internet driver:
Simon Stewart created internet driver in 2006. it had been the primary assortment of frameworks that may management the browser actions. it's a replacement version of antioxidant a lot of advanced and powerful than RC.

Selenium Grid:
Selenium grid was developed by Patrik lait body. It will perform cross-browser and cross-platform testing on multiple browsers and machines in parallel. In a pair of008 entire antioxidant team determined to merge antioxidant internet driver and RC and shaped a most powerful tool known as antioxidant 2.0

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How to integrate antioxidant WebDriver with Cucumber

Introduction of Cucumber:

A Cucumber could be a package tool employed by the programmers to check different package.  Cucumber could be a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) which might use to write down associate degree automation check script to check internet. it's associate degree open supply, cross-platform and free. For Business Analysts, Testers and Developers it permits the automation of purposeful validation in comprehendible and clear format. we are able to write it by mistreatment  Ruby artificial language. The cucumber was dead in Ruby and extended to Java framework. It creates HTML format by its own.
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Behavior Driven Development is associate degree extension of Test-driven Development. it's wont to check the system no to check the actual piece of code. It supports several languages like Python, PHP, Net, Perl etc.

If you wish to know cucumber, we have a tendency to should and may apprehend the options and its usage.

Feature Files:

 the employment of this file is to check the automation tests and this file is that the essential a part of the Cucumber. This file is employed as a live document. All feature files finish with a .feature extension.

The purpose of application below check provides data regarding the high-level business.

This situation represents a practicality that is associate degree in progress method. when seeing this situation user will simply perceive the method what's the check is all regarding.

It will run all situation feature files by default. In real time it's impractical there may well be many files, those aren't needed to run continually Get more info selenium online training.

JUnit Runner:
Suppose we've to run a selected feature file Cucumber will use customary JUnit Runner and determine tags in @Cucumber. we are able to provide multiple tags by mistreatment comma separate.

In the higher than description, we have a tendency to perceive regarding Cucumber tool. currently coming back to the purpose we are going to study the mixing of antioxidant WebDriver with Cucumber.

Cucumber and antioxidant WebDriver:

Along with antioxidant WebDriver, Cucumber framework may be used on check the Web-based applications. The check cases ar written quality language by a business analyst, managers, non-technical stakeholders.  And these steps files apply in step definition file.

Feature: Login Feature File
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                                                                  @selenium online training
Scenario: Login situation check for Gmail

Given navigation to Gmail page

When a user logged within the username as “user” and word “password

Then home page ought to be displayed

To check Gmail practicality we are able to use Firefox as a browser

Given statement initializes the browser and navigates to the page.

When  Statements logos into the appliance mistreatment the username as “user” and word as “password”.

Then statement validates the condition when work into the appliance Get more info selenium online training.

The higher than says that sample check describing the usage of antioxidant and Cucumber. By mistreatment each we are able to produce multilayer design per our demand. By mistreatment higher than check cases we are able to integrate antioxidant WebDriver with Cucumber and gets best results.

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